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What is the academic requirement for this course?

For pursuing music as a career or for this course there is no such academic requirement though this course is only available to musicians and those who wish to purse music as a profession.

Who is this course for?

Courses offered at Aart Sense are for those who wish to pursue career in music or music business. If you are passionate about music then this course is for you!

Career Opportunities?

After completion of the PMP course there are many possibilities that can be explored. Music Direction, Film Scoring, Studio Engineer, Music Producer, Studio Assistant, Jingle Composer, Ad Film Music Producer, Web Series Music Composer, A&R Manager, Band Manager, Music Supervisor, Music Production Instructor. 

Which softwares will you learn?

The course will cover in-depth music programming techniques using industry standard DAW; LOGIC X

Can I produce my single after finishing this course?

You will be able to do lot more after completing the course, creating your single is also one of them.

Is it important to know at least one music instrument to enrol for this course?

Basic Music Theory is a part of this course therefore being a musician is not a requisite but if you do play any instrument it will be much more beneficial for your personal growth as a musician.

Is this course helpful for pursuing a career as playback singer?

Learning music production will definitely help a singer understand wider prospectives. Once you gain the knack of how music is composed, produced and recorded,  your entire singing experience will become much more visual. If you understand the production of a song as a singer you can experiment with voice modulations to fit with in the structure of the song sonically.

What is a music producer?

Music Producer is a wide term used for various roles. In India music producers work as programmers and arrangers on song to song basis. Often a music producer is provided a tune or a melody by the composer, then he creates beats, baselines and other acoustic or electronic arrangements that are both musically and sonically appealing. Good music production is the backbone of every composer.

Can I make a full song after competing this course?

Yes you will be able to create full length songs and arrangements.

What is included in the course?

All courses are conducted at aart sense studios, fully equipped with sate-of-the-art gear for music production and recording. Students do not need to carry their setups to the academy as all setups will be provided by the school it self. Students will also be allowed to book production setups and our professional recording studios ( under supervision ) for their personal projects and project assignments. 


All student will receive a starter kit from aart sense studios. Upon successful completion of the course students will receive a 49 Key Midi Keyboard, Original Logic Pro, Sound card, Headphones, Microphone, T - Shirt, Mug and completion certificate or diploma depending on the course.

What is Ad Music?

Ad music is music for tv or digital advertisements, this comes under media composing. It involves composing and producing for shorter formats that lasts 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 secs. Ad music revolves around brand awareness and requires spontaneous idea creation skills. Advertising industry is very different from feature film industry because the work environment, protocols, timelines, format  and requirements are very different. This is a very reliable source of income for most composers and producers. We have an in-depth module on composing for advertising.

What is Jingles?

Jingles are songs that are representing or selling a brand or a product. This comes under advertising projects. 

What equipments do i need for this course?

The only equipment you need is your musicianship, if you dont carry that you are not allowed to attend the classes.

All hardware and software equipments will be provided at the premise by the academy.

Where is this course offered?

This course is conducted at state-of-the-art studios "aart sense" and "arjunna studio" in Andheri West, Mumbai.

Delhi branch opening soon a Malviya Nagar.

Do you teach voice recording?

Yes we have a detailed module that covers vocal recordings, eq, compression, voice processing, FX and pitch correction.

Can I make Hip-Hop beats after this course?

Yes. One you know the technical aspects of music production you can create any genre of music that you like or wish to create.

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