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Casio / Harmonium Group


Rs 3000 Onwards

No. of Sessions

2 Sessions, 30 min each

About the Course

Join our dynamic instrumental group classes at Aart Sense Academy and unlock your musical potential. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate player, our group classes offer a collaborative and immersive environment for learning casio and harmonium. Led by Lakshmi mam herself, these classes combine structured lessons, ensemble playing, and interactive activities to enhance your musical skills, sight-reading abilities, and understanding of music theory. Connect with fellow musicians, explore diverse musical genres, and develop your confidence and proficiency on your chosen instrument. Discover the joy of making music together and let the harmonies come alive in our instrumental group classes.

Your Instructor

Lakshmi Madhusudan

Lakshmi Madhusudan is an accomplished artist, revered for her contributions to the world of music. Recognized as a top-grade artist with All India Radio, she has graced numerous stages across India with her captivating performances [2]. She has enriched the music industry with two devotional albums, demonstrating her versatility by collaborating with esteemed singers like Mahinder Kapoor

Lakshmi Madhusudan
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