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Dance Group


Rs 3000 Onwards

No. of Sessions

2 Sessions, 30 min each

About the Course

Experience the joy of contemporary and jazz dance in our vibrant group dance classes at Aart Sense Academy. Join a community of dance enthusiasts and immerse yourself in the rhythms, movements, and artistry of various dance styles. Led by our passionate instructors, our group classes provide a supportive and inclusive environment for dancers of all levels. From beginners discovering their passion to experienced dancers honing their skills, our classes cater to a range of abilities. Through dynamic choreography, technique drills, and group collaborations, you'll develop your dance skills, coordination, and performance abilities while fostering connections with fellow dancers. Come and let the music guide your movements as you express yourself and find your own unique dance style.

Your Instructor

Aditya Harjai

Aditya Harjai is a multi-talented artist known for his skills as a singer, dancer, and filmmaker. His passion for the arts is palpable, as he encourages his followers to "embrace the music within you" Aditya has been sharing his creative work with a wide audience through various platforms, including YouTube and Instagram. 

Aditya Harjai
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