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Nov 22, 2018
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We all remain students for life, it is a never ending process. No matter how much you learn or how experienced you are there is still so much more to explore, observe and learn. As an academy of music and technology we have kept this forum open for all, please share with us what type of courses do you expect and what do you expect from the current courses that are offered. You can also request for additional modules or certain topics that you wish to learn and our team of professionals will review and incorporate your requests in our current courses to help you achieve you desired goals. Current courses PMP EX Pro Music Producer Course Exclusive ( Accepts only two students for 12 months ) PMP 12 Pro Music Producer Course ( 12 Months ) EMP 06 Advance Music Production Course ( 6 months ) EMP 03 Intermediate Music Production Course ( 3 months ) DAW 01 Digital Audio Workstation Course ( 1 Month ) COM 02 Composition, Song Ideas, Themes Creation ( 2 Months ) PBS 02 Playback Singing Course ( 2 months ) PBS 04 Playback Singing Course ( 4 months )
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