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Welcome to Aart Sense Academy

A unit of Aart Sense Studios Private Limited
(An audiovisual production house & an institute of performing arts)


We are thrilled that you've decided to embark on this exciting journey with us. Our Academy is a vibrant hub of creativity and learning, where

music and performing arts are not just taught but celebrated.


Mission Statement


At Aart Sense Academy, founded by Lakshmi Madhusudan, Madhusudan Harjai, Arjuna Harjai, and Aditya Harjai, our mission is to foster and amplify the creative voices of the future. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled music and performing arts education, nurturing talent, and fostering creativity. Our purpose is to bring the best educational experience to our students through innovative teaching methods, professional guidance, and dedicated support. We strive to empower each individual to embrace their unique artistic vision, providing the tools and opportunities to succeed in their chosen musical and performing arts careers. We believe in the power of art to transform lives and communities and are committed to making a profound impact on the global arts scene


As we continue to expand, our dedication to giving back to our community remains unyielding. We conscientiously redirect the resources generated from our fee-based students towards the development of new courses and free workshops designed for the less fortunate. We are passionate advocates for the transformative and restorative capacity of music, and it is our mission to share this precious gift with children in orphanages, the elderly in nursing homes, and those who are economically disadvantaged. Our aspiration is to cultivate an inspirational, inclusive, and dynamic environment for engaging with and nurturing musical talents. We extend a warm invitation to all those interested in embarking on this rewarding journey with us. Rest assured, we commit to providing guidance and support to each individual as they navigate their personal journey of musical exploration.

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  • Who will be our instructor for Singing (Light Vocal & Classical) at Aart Sense Academy?
    At Aart Sense Academy, your instructor for Singing (Light Vocal & Classical) will be Lakshmi Madhusudan Mam an All India Radio & TV Top Grade Artist, and a renowned and veteran artist and music teacher with extensive experience in both genres of singing.
  • What will I learn in the Singing (Light Vocal & Classical) course?
    In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of both Light Vocal and Classical singing. You will be introduced to various vocal techniques, breath control, vocal exercises, vocal warm-ups, and the intricacies of different ragas (for classical) or styles (for light vocal). The course is designed to help you develop your voice, improve your pitch, and express emotions through your singing.
  • Are the online classes suitable for beginners?
    Yes, the online classes are suitable for beginners. Our instructor, Lakshmi Madhusudan Mam, has experience teaching students of all levels, including beginners. She will guide you through the basics and gradually progress to more advanced techniques as you gain proficiency.
  • What age group is eligible to enroll in the Singing course?
    The Singing (Light Vocal & Classical) course is open to students of all age groups. We welcome both young learners and adults who are passionate about singing and eager to explore Light Vocal and Semi Classical music.
  • How are the online classes conducted?
    The online classes are conducted through Google meet /Zoom. Our virtual learning platform will also be ready shortly. Once you enroll in the course, you will receive login credentials to access our live interactive classes. These classes will feature real-time instruction, demonstrations, and opportunities for you to interact with Lakshmi Madhusudan Mam and fellow students in group classes.
  • What equipment do I need for the online classes?
    To participate in the online classes, you will need a computer, tablet,laptop or smartphone with a stable internet connection. Additionally, it's beneficial to have a good-quality microphone and headphones to enhance the learning experience.
  • Will I get individual attention from the instructor?
    Absolutely! Lakshmi Madhusudan Mam believes in providing personalised attention to each student. During the live classes, she will address individual queries and offer constructive feedback to help you improve your singing skills.
  • Can I take a trial a free class?
    Students interested in taking a trial class can access video classes on the Academy's YouTube Channel. All these video classes are free of cost and offer an opportunity to learn and assess one's talents. By engaging with these classes, students can understand the type of knowledge the Academy imparts
  • If I choose one class in a two-week course, can I switch later to a four-class or eight class- setup , with one class of 30 minutes each?
    Yes, you can certainly adjust your class schedule to better suit your needs. If you initially opt for one class in a two-week course but later decide to switch to a setup with four classes, each lasting 30 minutes, you can make the switch by contacting our support team. We'll assist you in modifying your enrollment to align with your desired schedule depending on the availability of slots and Mam. Your satisfaction and learning experience are our top priorities, and we're here to accommodate any necessary adjustments to ensure you get the most out of your learning journey.
  • How can I enrol in the course?
    To enrol in the course, visit our website Follow the instructions for registration by navigating to the selection of a course, choose the course and fee, fill up the form and upload a voice sample in your voice, you are all set to embark on your musical journey with Lakshmi Madhusudan Mam at Aart Sense Academy.
  • Can I be expelled from the academy or stop receiving classes if I don't practice or show improvement?
    Yes, your progress is monitored regularly. If the academy observes a lack of improvement in your singing due to insufficient practice or other reasons, the management reserves the right to expel you from the academy. Whether to continue providing lessons or to cease them will be at the sole discretion of the management.
  • Do I need prior knowledge to start learning singing at your academy?
    It's advantageous if you already have some knowledge of music as it can help you understand, pick up, and practice Swar (musical notes) and Taal (rhythm) faster. However, beginners with no prior musical knowledge are also welcome. We start teaching from the basics, ensuring that everyone can learn and progress regardless of their starting point.
  • Am I supposed to have an instrument like a harmonium, Casio?
    Not necessarily. We prefer students to learn the basics with the help of a tanpura from the beginning which can be downloaded on their phone/tablet/laptop from YouTube. However, having an instrument like a Casio can be beneficial for practicing at home. It allows you to cross-check whether you are singing the right notes or not, especially when the teacher is not present.
  • Will the Academy assist me if I am interested in taking exams through institutions like Gandharva, Bhakhande, or Prayag?
    Absolutely! Our courses are meticulously designed to provide comprehensive training to aspiring singers. We focus on imparting correct knowledge of ragas, sur (notes), and taal (rhythm) in a manner that facilitates a deep understanding of both light and classical singing. This not only enhances your singing quality but also instills confidence in your performance. Whether you aim to pursue exams through institutions like Gandharva, Bhakhande, Prayag, or any other platform, our training equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your musical journey. However, students will need to bring the course pattern of that particular institute from where they are willing to take exams.
  • Can I learn Karnataka Music at Aart Sense Academy, and which music is better, Hindustani Classical or Karnataka Music?
    We currently only offer Hindustani Classical music lessons at Aart Sense Academy. When it comes to comparing Hindustani Classical and Karnataka Music, both have their own unique essence and value. Each tradition offers a rich tapestry of musical expression, and the choice between them often depends on personal preference and cultural background
  • When am I supposed to pay the fee for online classes? Can I pay it after completing my session of the opted course?
    All fees are required to be paid in advance before the start of the session and are non refundable. This ensures that specific days and time slots can be reserved for students who have already completed their fee payment. Payment in advance also helps us effectively manage our resources and offer a seamless learning experience to all our students.
  • Why should I submit a practice audio before my next lesson?
    Submitting a 1-minute practice audio clip from your previous lesson is a valuable step in monitoring your progress. It allows your instructor to assess your understanding, identify areas for improvement, and tailor the upcoming lesson to your specific needs. This proactive approach enhances the effectiveness of your learning experience and ensures each lesson is personalized to help you reach your goals more efficiently.
  • Do I get notations or recordings for my practice after the class?
    Yes, we do provide notations to students for practicing when they reach a stage where they require it. Additionally, we recommend watching related YouTube videos on Aart Sense Academy's Official YouTube Channel where they get notations and recordings, pertaining to the particular class.
  • Are there any assessments or exams during the course?
    While the primary focus of the course is on learning and honing your singing abilities, there are be periodic assessments or evaluations to monitor your progress. However, these assessments will be conducted in a supportive and encouraging manner.
  • I stay outside of India. Can I learn singing through virtual classes, considering the time difference between India and my country?
    Yes, absolutely! You can learn singing virtually with us. We schedule classes while considering the time difference between India and your particular country. This ensures that classes are convenient for you regardless of your location.
  • Will my solo class be adjusted if I miss the class due to an emergency?
    The adjustment of classes in online solo courses will be determined by the management and dependent on slot availability. Students are encouraged to inform the management well in advance if they are unable to attend due to an emergency. Classes may be adjusted depending on the availability of slot in the same month only but if the slot is not available then class adjustment will not be possible
  • Will my class be adjusted in group online classes if I miss the class due to an emergency?
    The adjustment of classes in online group courses will be determined by the management and dependent on slot availability. Students are encouraged to inform the management in advance if they are unable to attend due to an emergency. Classes may be adjusted until students' scales and pitch are assessed, and groups with similar characteristics are formed, provided that advanced notice is given. Once a group is established, missed classes will not be adjusted.
  • How many students will be there in a group class, and will it be a 30 or 45-minute duration class?
    In a group class, there will be a maximum of four students. Initially, individual solo classes of 30 minutes will be provided until a group of students with similar talent and scale is formed. Once the group is established, the class duration will be extended to 45 minutes, regardless of the number of students, up to a maximum of four.
  • What if I have more questions before enrolling?
    If you have any further questions or need additional information before enrolling in the course, feel free to reach out to our support team at 9818763338,9312254774, We will be delighted to assist you through Whats App.

What our students say!

Pritish Marwa

Its an honor to learn classical singing from Maam!
Classical Singing is an art and can only be mastered under the right Guru. I have been singing for a long time now but did not learn hindustani classical music. After a few months of learning , I improved a lot and felt so much better with my voice and singing. But I knew that my journey has just started and I need to devote myself to this art which led me to start my journey with Maam. Its been a great journey so far since I have better sense of all the Alankars now and it is easier to sing any note. Voice feels better and I am in more control.
Maam also gives valuable insights about the same and also helps in other improvements such as maintaing vocal health.Moreover, the support from Sir has been also amazing who keeps track of my singing progress and schedules classes with Maam.The journey has started on the right note and I really look forward to mastering classical music with Maam.Greetings from Frankfurt, Germany!



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Paarth Balani

Best place to learn singing. Also very disciplined management and no unnecessary stretching of anything. Time is very important, the teacher always gives her 100 percent and utilize every minute of the class in a right way. Also the bonus is they really do care and take timely follow ups. Thank you Mr. And Mrs. Harjai.
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