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Exploring Indian Light Vocal and Classical Music at Aart Sense Academy

A Harmonious Journey: Exploring Indian Light Vocal and Classical Music at Aart Sense


A Harmonious Journey: Exploring Indian Light Vocal and Classical Music at Aart Sense



Music is the universal language that transcends borders, cultures, and generations. In India,

music has held a significant place in society for centuries, with a rich and diverse heritage of

classical and light vocal music. In this blog, we embark on a melodic journey through the

realms of Indian light vocal and classical music, discovering the soul-stirring melodies and

the nurturing environment of Aart Sense Academy.

Understanding Indian Light Vocal Music:

Indian light vocal music encompasses various genres, including Ghazals, Bhajans,

Qawwalis, and Film Music. It is characterised by its melodious tunes, expressive lyrics, and

a wide range of emotions. At Aart Sense Academy, aspiring musicians delve into the

intricate techniques of light vocal music, learning the art of expressing emotions through their

voice. Students are introduced to the concept of "sur"; (melodic notes) and “taal" (rhythmic

patterns), honing their skills through vocal exercises, improvisations, and the study of

legendary light vocalists.

Exploring the Depths of Indian Classical Music:

Indian classical music, rooted in ancient

traditions, is a complex and deeply spiritual art form. It is divided into two main genres:

Hindustani classical music and Carnatic classical music. At Aart Sense Academy, students

receive comprehensive training in Hindustani classical music, which is known for its

elaborate ragas, intricate rhythmic patterns, and improvisational nature.

The academy offers a structured curriculum:

It covers fundamental concepts such as swaras (musical notes), ragas (melodic

frameworks), talas (rhythmic cycles), and the art of improvisation. Students engage in

rigorous vocal training, guided by experienced teachers who impart their knowledge and

expertise in a nurturing environment. The academy also emphasises the importance of

understanding the theoretical aspects of Indian classical music, including the history,

evolution, and significance of different ragas.

The Unique Teaching Methodology of Aart Sense Academy:

Aart Sense Academy stands apart from the rest due to its innovative teaching methodology,

which combines traditional pedagogy with modern techniques. The academy believes in a

holistic approach to music education, focusing not only on technical proficiency but also on

developing a deep understanding of the emotional and cultural nuances of Indian music.

Students at Aart Sense Academy are encouraged to explore their creativity:

Through improvisation, composition, and collaboration with fellow musicians. The academy

organizes regular recitals, workshops, and competitions, providing students with

opportunities to showcase their talent and gain valuable performance experience.

Additionally, the academy leverages technology to enhance the learning experience, utilising

digital resources, online platforms, and multimedia tools to supplement classroom


Preserving Tradition, Embracing Innovation:

Aart Sense Academy is committed to preserving the rich heritage of Indian music while

embracing the possibilities of the digital age. The academy understands the importance of

adapting to the changing times and equipping students with the skills necessary to navigate

the contemporary music industry.


Indian light vocal and classical music have captivated the hearts of millions, transcending

cultural boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the world stage. Aart Sense Academy,

with its unwavering dedication to musical excellence, offers aspiring musicians the perfect

platform to embark on a harmonious journey of self-discovery and artistic expression.

Through its comprehensive curriculum, nurturing environment, and innovative teaching

methods, the academy cultivates the next generation of talented musicians, ensuring the

continued legacy of Indian music for generations to come.

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